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Pediatric Occupational & Physical Therapy

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KidsQuest Therapy is a pediatric occupational and physical therapy company focused on providing qualified therapy treatments to children ages birth to 21 years.  Contact me today for more information and to discuss what KidsQuest can do for you.

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KidsQuest Therapy provides services to clients in the home or in the clinic. Some caregivers prefer the comfort of their own home while others prefer to utilize the clinic setting with structured environment.

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Providing services in the home can allow the therapist to utilize a child's familiar home environment to improve their functional performance. By using their own environment, therapist are able to determine what the specific needs are and what areas the child may struggle in during daily tasks.

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Providing services in the clinic gives the therapist more equipment and and a therapy geared environment to work in.  Sometimes taking the client out of their usual routine and home environment can allow the therapist to gain more participation from them. A clinic setting is also a more structured environment, which allows the therapist to build on that same structure that is often used in the school setting.


Every child is different and may respond to treatment differently depending on their diagnosis or problem areas. The diagnosis that we treat range from:
Cerebral Palsy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Developmental Delay
and many more...



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Sensory Processing

Sensory processing disorder or SPD happens when the signals from the brain are not organized appropriately. The information received is not processed correctly and creates a problem with functional performance. A person with SPD has clumsiness, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, and even difficulty in school.

Fine Motor

Fine motor consists of using the fingers and hands to perform a task such as handwriting, cutting and even eating. These fine motor movements  coordinate with the larger muscles of the arms and trunk for stability and with the eyes for eye-hand coordination.


Children may have illegible handwriting, inconsistent spacing, poor spatial planning on paper, poor spelling, and difficulty composing writing as well as thinking and writing at the same time. Some of the difficulties with writing in school aged children are in the forms of dysgraphia, apraxia, and dyslexia.


  • Occupational therapist evaluate consequences of subtle vestibular deficits, such as balance disturbances due to head movements while sitting, standing, walking, reaching, vertigo and performing transfers between positions. Children with these deficits often present with symptoms including vertigo, nausea, disequilibrium, spatial disorientation, visual motion sensitivity, decreased balance, decreased dynamic visual acuity, falling, decreased concentration, and decreased skill in dual task performance

Gross Motor

Gross motor movements consists of all the large muscle groups in your body. Deficits in these areas can impact a child in many different ways. Some of the ways that are affected are:

  • Running

  • Jumping, hopping, and skipping

  • Climbing

  • Throwing or kicking a ball





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Texas Children's Health Plan

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